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Community Organizing for Resilience


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It's time to be bold, to be visionary, to let our voices be heard about transforming our planet so that we can learn not just to survive but thrive.


I am passionate about helping to create projects which build community, develop leaders, and foster collaborations between diverse groups, from businesses to faith-based organizations to non-profit organizations. ​






Susan Silber

Please contact me if you are interested in consulting related to environmental education or community organizing for resilience and sustainability. I have more than 20 years of experience as a strategic planner, fundraiser and educator. 


Together we can create more sustainable, resilient, equitable and thriving schools and communities.

Learn about the Nature's Voices Project and other programs promoting environmental literacy.

Climate change from a parent's perspective. Why community organizing? Hope and depair. A weekly blog about my current projects, best practices in the field and latest musings.

Learn about the NorCal Community Resilience Network and other initiatives that support a more resilient and sustainable world.